Saturday, February 12, 2011

Adoption at 50!!

Denver Colorado

I was blessed to share a seat on the airplane next to a gentleman who observed a book I was reading called 'Adopted for Life' by Russell D. Moore. I was on my way home from Denver, CO having just attended a staff retreat with World Orphans.

He shared with me the story of he and his wife (both 60 years of age) adopting 2 abandoned and vulnerable babies 10 years ago. He welled up with tears as he relayed how he wouldn't have waited so long next time if he knew how much adoption would change his life and how deeply he would love two precious, once fatherless, baby girls.

He and his wife had struggled through infertility all of their married life and unable to conceive children, didn't consider adoption until much later. At 50 years of age they were gripped by the 'fatherhood of God' and in brokenness and anticipation, began their journey to adopt children.

They realized that protecting children meant rolling back the curse of fatherlessness, inasmuch as it was within their power and willingness to do so. The result? They discovered a parental and familial love much deeper than they could have ever imagined. They were confronted with a love so intentional that 2 girls who were once without family, were given a new name and were now called 'beloved daughters'.

I was riveted; holding onto every word as I listened to the tender heart of a father tell of the wonders of God to bring joy and life through the deep pain of infertility.

The 60 year old father of 10 year old girls was on his way home from a business trip and his greatest anticipation was to hug his girls and enjoy dinner with his precious family. My heart was so full hearing this story as I continue to consider more about what it means to defend the cause of the orphan 'until they all have homes'.

"He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children, Praise the Lord!" (Psalm 113)

Kathy and Kate in Denver


  1. Does this mean you're going to finally adopt??


  2. I second that thought Anna!! Let's go!! This story sounds so much like my hubby's dad who also began their adoptions (yes, plural) at age 50!! Praise God for His incredible love and grace and adoption of us as His precious children ...

    Blessings my friend!

  3. What a beautiful story; it shows that the body of Christ is alive and well. Although I'm not planning to adopt (I'm single and almost 60!), the Lord is calling me to volunteer for the First Choice Women's Resource Center. I'll be speaking to middle schoolers, high schoolers and parents about abstinence before marriage. Straight Talk gives the truth where the world gives the compromise. Who more than unwed mothers and abortion vulnerable babies fit the category of 'widows and orphans'? Let our hearts be broken by what breaks the heart of God! Blessings... Barbara (Kate's mom)