Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Heart of a Mother, the Blessing of Children, the Rescue of Orphans, and the Greatness of my GOD!

Tonight I was reminded of the fragility of quickly things can turn...and how a mother's love knows no bounds. My daughter, Amy, was in a car accident this evening on her way to work. She hydroplaned in the rain and had a head-on collision with another vehicle going around a sharp corner. Her father and I rushed to the site, guided her through the trauma of crunched cars, accident reports, and emotional turmoil. Amy and the other driver are bruisded and shaken, but both walked away without serious injury. Although the cars are probably totaled; the 'total sum' of this evening has been marked by a mother's heart that is filled with gratitude for one more day that I could hold our baby girl in my arms, comfort her in her pain, and remind her once again of the immeasurable blessing that she is to me.

Amy and I at Living Waters

That was tonight... This morning was marked by time spent with a young mother and friend that I visited in the hospital, prayed for, and loved on. She is in preterm labor and longs for the moment that she might be granted the joy of holding her baby in her arms, expressing her love for him, and experiencing the joy of watching him grow up.

As I went about the urgent needs of my day, I was made accutely aware, once again, in my work with World Orphans, of the many children in this world who linger outside of a mothers love, fathers protection, and secure family unit. Who will hold the wounded child in his pain, feed him when he is hungry, and clothe him when he is naked? Who will grant these children who are wandering the streets without hope, the love of a mother and the guidance of a father?

The harsh reality is that an estimated 163,000,000 children worldwide are orphaned. Although this number seems overwhelming, World Orphans provides many ways to become involved in the rescue of abandoned and orphaned chidren. Without assistance, orphans continue in a cycle of poverty, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, prostitution and slavery. By becoming involved in World Orphans, we can help break this cycle and put children back in families.

Today was difficult, yet every day is a reminder that even though all is not well within our world, that there is a God who is about redeeming souls, rescuing orphans, and providing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As I fall into bed on this late night, todays events will be a sobering reminder of my deep love for family, friends, children without families, and the greatness of my God to make a way...

Until they all have homes